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Today, there is a great demand for video conferencing and collaboration tools. All across the globe, mass gatherings are put into a halt. To start with, the Mobile World Conference was forced to answer concerns amidst the COVID-19 spread. Following this are the Facebook F8 and Adobe Summit. Then, Google’s annual developer conference, Microsoft’s MVP summit, and IBM Think soon also paved the same path.

For a fact, it is not just large conferences that are showing pains in lieu of the coronavirus. There are smaller meetings which are also being forced to move away from physical spaces, going into a safer and more supple environment.

Also, social soirees of any size and shape are faster moving online. In this lieu, the bigger brands like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce have begun having their employees to employ work from home. To answer this, the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, even proposed that the new call for video will go to a “fundamental, permanent shift in how people work.”


3CX functions as a phone system. It is somewhat different from the other solutions. Yet, belonging to their features, this tool bears meeting functions that are comparable to Teams, WebEx, and Zoom. It is proud to bear good features like live chat, live meetings with video and screen sharing, and conference calling. It can also blend in with your website so you can allow chats from the website, going directly to your computer or mobile phone application. It is a remote meeting tool.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx is formerly known as the king of online remote meeting tools.  It has been gained by Cisco a couple of years ago and followingly has lost action for Zoom and Teams. Such product is quite good, stable, and basically understood and accepted by customers using it. Moreover, it does possess some issues about installing the client, so if you’re going to ask people connecting in without permission to their machines, it usually shows some trouble, but then after lets you push it.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is known as the best collaboration tool at hand today.  It is a blending of tools like Skype for companies, some exhausting off of ideas from Slack and a bit of SharePoint grouped into one. This tool can perform video calls, online meetings, chat, and employ Office 365. Such goes better on the other remote meeting tools on this list mentioned. While it’s not as simple and friendly to do calls with external participants compared to the others, it does better than a single job that it stands up for.


Zoom is now the top player in the remote meeting tool market. It is likely to be the most widely used remote meeting tool. Also, it’s taken the industry from them after Cisco bought WebEX and has been the go-to product if you just desire to go for straight conference calling, screen sharing, and some video calling.

It is a really decent product. And, over time, a good 90% of the conference calls and online demos in companies, tend to happen on Zoom.

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